Compromised Email Accounts

Category: IT Security OIT - Categories Audience: Faculty Staff Students
If you believe your account has been compromised, the Security and Compliance team is available to assist. There will be an investigation into the compromised account and a process for mitigating future risk. Stop all actions and do not turn off the computer. Contact the Service Desk and report the incident.
Report Incident

If you believe your account is compromised, contact the OIT Service Desk immediately for assistance and do not turn off your computer.

You will need to report the security event to our Information Security and IT Compliance (ISIC) team for investigation. To report an incident, log into the OIT Service Center in the upper right corner. Once logged in with your university credentials, select "Make a Request." Scroll down and choose "Security Event" from the tile options. From there, several options will appear. Select the one that best matches the situation. For a compromised email account, select "Compromised Account." 

An ISIC team member will reach out to you with details regarding the results of the investigation into the security event. 

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