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Audiovisual (AV) equipment can be checked out for classroom use or other events on campus by submitting a request through the EMS room scheduling system.
Reserve AV Equipment

AV Equipment Available in EMS

Requests for AV equipment should be submitted through the EMS room scheduling system. There is generally no charge for equipment required for classes. For all equipment and staffing requests, please submit the request a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start time.

Each room podium contains a sign with contact information for support if you are having a problem with classroom technology, Please call immediately, according to the signage in the room. Depending on your location, a support professional from OIT or a departmental IT team member will assist you.

Need additional support? Schedule a room tutorial to gain hands on experience and training from an AV expert to make the most of your classroom technology. Additional information about AV services or support should be directed to Anna Alex, Assistant Director of Audiovisual Classroom & Event Support at anna.alex@cuanschutz.edu.

Audio Equipment Rentals

 Equipment Cost Details
Microphone, Handheld Wireless 
No Cost
Microphone Stand, Table TopNo Cost 
Microphone Stand, Floor No Cost
Microphone, Wired (SM58 or similar)No Cost
Microphone, Wireless LavalierNo Cost 
Portable PA Sound System $100.00 half day / $200.00 full day
No cost for Core Education Courses 
USB Microphone$15.00 per dayNo cost for Core Education Courses 

Video and Misc Equipment Rentals 

 Equipment Cost Details
Cables (HDMI, VGA, XLR, etc.)$4.00 per day
No cost for Core Education Courses
Logitech Portable Zoom System      $100.00 half day / $200.00 full day
No cost for Core Education Courses
TV Monitors (32 - 46") - full day
No Cost

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