ACTION REQUIRED: Web Accessibility Compliance

The new Colorado accessibility law, HB21-1110, affects university websites and will go into effect July 1, 2024. This means that university website owners/content managers must ensure your website content meets the minimum web accessibility standards before July 1.

Learn how to meet accessibility standards

Content Types and Widgets

Getting started

Widgets are used in Sitefinity in order to add content to pages. If you are looking for some basic widgets to get you started, try these!

Content Block

The content block is really versatile and is perfect for any type of content including text, images, videos and much more!

Hero Image

The hero image widget is perfect for grabbing the audience's attention with a strong visual that represents your site.


The card widget is perfect for promoting an article, event, class or program using teaser information with a link to more details.

Call to Action

The card widget is perfect for encouraging users to take an online action, like "sign up for training," "register for event," and more. 

Additional widget options

Are you looking for more widget options to add content to your pages? Use the filter below to find a widget that fits your needs! 

Academic Programs

Display and showcase academic programs.


Display categories, glossaries or other information on a few key topics.


Help site visitors quickly navigate through your site without endless scrolling. 

Blog Posts

Display a collection of specific blog posts


Display events or deadlines in a calendar format.

Call To Action

A simple, clickable button.


Give teaser information with a link to a longer explanation.


Filter content on a page so it is more relevant to site visitor's information needs.

Checklists Phases

Explain a process with multiple phases.

Checklists Steps

Display a step by step process.


Show contact information on a page.

Content Block

Add general website content to your page with no specific format or structure.


Display cost information like tuition, fees, memberships, and more.


A simple, clickable button that needs to be featured on multiple pages.


Display one or more university departments on your webpage.

Document Link

Link to an important document.

Documents List

Display a list of documents hosted within a library.

Enhanced Card

Give teaser information with a link to more details on multiple pages with a structured look.


Advertise an event.

Facts and Figures

Add infographics to your site.


Share a lot of details and explanations in a user-friendly way.

Featured Tabs

Feature content using tabs with icons.  


Display a form with fields for users to complete.

Glossary Tooltips

Insert highlighted terms with icon indicator.

Google Translate Embed

Allow site visitors to select their preferred language.

Hero Carousel

Grab the audience's attention and showcase multiple topics.

Hero Form

Put a large, powerful image at the top of your page while requesting basic information.

Hero Image

Put a large, powerful image at the top of your page.

Hero Video

Display a video across the top of your page.

Highlight Box

Highlight a particular message to stand out from the surrounding content.

Hover Card

When the card is hovered over with a mouse, the image interactively changes to show the content of the second card.

Image Gallery

Display several images on one page in an orderly way.


Display an image to your page

Key Dates

Need to display important dates or deadlines?


Display a simple bullet list, or a list with additional information.

Localist Calendar Embed

Showcase university events from the Localist platform.


Organize, archive or display news articles.


Add some breathing room in between content elements.

Research and Creative Projects

Organize, archive or display research or other creative projects.

RSS Feed Reader

Display content from another site.

Sitewide Banner

Display an important message across your entire site.

Social Media Links

Embed social media links directly onto your page. 


Create a "file folder" system to organize multiple categories.


Categorize different content pieces across your website.


Highlight what someone said with an accompanying photo.

Video Gallery

Display multiple videos on the same page.


Add a video to your page.

Web Bios

Display professional biographies on a page.

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