Creating the Next Generation of Tech Talent

Computing-related skills are the future of everything, not just STEM. Making higher education work for all starts with giving students the computing skills they need to succeed.

Cracking the Code to Social Mobility While Meeting Workforce Needs

Computing skills are increasingly important, not just for landing a job but for building a sustainable and rewarding career. Over the next 10 years, Colorado will add 5.7M new jobs — most of which will require computing skills. With a diverse student population and home in one of America’s hotbeds of innovation, CU Denver is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunity to meet a growing workforce need.

By infusing computing into its curriculum, not just in STEM-related programs but in arts and media, business, and healthcare, CU Denver can further promote social mobility — and become known as a university for life.

Changing the Face of Computing

In March, the Interdisciplinary Computing Task Force published a report – “Computing Across the Curriculum” – that includes recommendations for how the university can make computing skills a core part of the university’s academic programs.

Guided by the task force’s report, the university will work to deliver computing skills to more students by:

  • Closing the gap in internet and device access for students of color
  • Increasing access to computing-related apprenticeships and internships
  • Integrating computing and data ethics into existing and new courses
  • Creating collaboration spaces for students that offer technological support
  • Forming partnerships to gain better insights into the capabilities of incoming students and future workforce needs

To position CU Denver at the cutting edge of computing education, the university will pursue six “high-value projects” over the next three years. The recommendations include developing:

  • A virtual hub of computing and technology strategy
  • Sets of computational competencies related to in-demand workforce skills
  • Innovative academic programming to expand upon these competencies
  • Comprehensive support and experiential learning opportunities for students

CU Denver’s faculty, staff, and graduate students will play a direct role in helping the university realize its computing ambitions, as well as in the university’s technology infrastructure.

Computing Skills Where You Might Not Expect to Find Them

At CU Denver, computing is core to many of our courses and programs, including many you might not expect. Below is a sample of computing-related offerings within our schools and colleges.

Cultivating Tech at Our New Engineering, Design and Computing Building

We’re moving forward with plans for a new engineering, design and computing building that will serve as home to the College of Engineering, Design and Computing and interdisciplinary computing initiatives, and which will anchor the university’s open innovation district.

Learn more about how computing can help us make higher education work for all.

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